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The "Tom Polzin" Blue Note Acheivement Award

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The Association's, Blue Note Achievement Award, is given to honor a recipient who has promoted, preserved and perpetuated Rhythm & Blues music “with distinction”. The award name was changed in March 2012 to include the name of Tom Polzin as a lasting tribute him. Tom was the Association’s President for many years and passed away suddenly in December 2011.

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2000 Multiple Recipients

The year 2000 brings out, as per our by-laws, the opportunity to recognize someone for their outstanding efforts in the promotion preservation and perpetuation of rhythm and blues music with distinction. Your board of directors, had three nominees to vote on, for this years honor. They include Ripete Records Inc. Judy Collins/Jay Spell and the "Real Blues" magazine. This year, the board voted to honor as the N.A.R.B. Dee Jay's "Blue Note" award recipient Judy Collins / Jay Spell of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Together these two collaborated in the production of two outstanding C.D.s. "All Aboard" in 1999 and "All Aboard too" for 2000. While producing their wonderful sounds, they always try to keep in mind an emphasis on the large nationwide dance community, and an emphasis on rhythm & blues music. The N.A.R.B. Dee Jay's Association is proud to honor both of you, for your outstanding efforts for the year 2000, and we are all anxious to hear the results of your next endeavor.



Tom Polzin

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Ecko Records

For the year 2002, we'd like to congratulate Ecko Records, of Memphis, Tennessee, for being unanimously voted as this years recipient. Ecko Records was founded in 1995, in the Home of the Blues, Memphis. In a short time, it has become known as one of the best and consistent companies, in the contemporary Blues and R&B field.


It's first release was Ollie Nightingales"s "I'll Drink Your Bath Water, Baby", which debuted in February of 1995. From there, Ecko quickly began to build a stable of first rate southern soul and blues performers. It's list of artists, currently include, names many of us are familiar with, like Denise LaSalle, Barbara Carr, Quinn Golden, Chuck Roberson, Bill Coday, Rick Lawson and Sheba Potts-Wright. Many of us became familiar with Ecko, from their releases of "It's A Beach Thang" series, of which we hope more will follow. Ecko, started in John Ward's home, and shortly will be moving to a larger facility, at 485 N. Hollywood, Suite 2, Memphis, TN 38112, (901) 320-9250. Call for a free catalog.


Once again, our sincere congratulations, to John Ward, "Mr. Promotions", and his great staff as the Winner of our "Blue Note Award" for the year 2002. Visit them at their web site

Tom Polzin


Reidar Larsen

For the year 2005, we'd like to congratulate Reidar Larsen. Let us introduce you to the winner of our annual "Blue Note" award. Reidar, has been a blues and R&B recording artist in his country of Norway, for the last 30 years. He caught our attention, with a song called "Christina", and we had never heard of the artist. As we searched the internet we found more of his music and fell in love with it.

He has released 11 Cd's, with a "New" one on the way, in conjunction, with Roy Rogers, the slide guitarist. His group "The Boogie Bastards" is backed up by Ann Sinclair and The Spirit Of Love Singers. He performs the vocals, and plays the piano, organ and blues harp.

If you truly love rhythm and blues music, the man's style will make you want to hit a dance floor. He's truly a special talent, that we, as an association, want the U.S.A. to hear. Congratulations Reidar, we're proud to honor this unknown artist. You'll find his web site, linked to ours under the "Artists" page. He told me his trophy is sitting on his piano at his home in Norway.


Tom Polzin


Angel Rissoff

Congratulations goes out to our winner of the 2008 "Blue Note" Award, Mr. Angel Rissoff for the Production, Arrangement and Performance of his latest CD project, "Nu Soul Stew. "Boogie Down Bronx" is certainly the song to carry this project forward, but there are other great tunes, as well. My Wife, digs "Think".

Also, for the many years he's contributed to the R&B sound of music from, lead vocal on "Harlem Hit Parade" and as Little Leopold and a song called "Jitterbop", which formed a new dance club 10 years ago, in Arkansas, The Heber Springs Jitterboppers.

Angel has been a member of The National Association of Rhythm and Blues Dee Jays for the last two years, and we appreciate all he does for the music lovers around the country. Keep up the great work.


Tom Polzin


Diedra Hurdle

Our 2010 Blue Note Award goes to Diedra Hurdle. Of course everyone knows her as “Diedra”. Along with her husband Keith, Diedra has been involved with several of our collaborations with KHP Records, with her biggest hit being “Hip Swingin’ Blues”. She is a tireless trouper who will go anywhere to promote the Blues and our music and dance. As talented as she is humble, she can blow you away with a slow tune or get you up and dancing with a great shag or bop. She has performed at several of the great dance parties around the country, including our own Boogie in the Bluegrass here in Louisville. The NAR&BDJs are proud to award you this honor and “Thank You” for helping to keep the Flame alive.


Mike Hall

Ron Moody.jpg

Ron Moody

For 2012, our Tom Polzin Blue Note Award , for excellence in the promoting, preserving, and perpetuation of R&B music with distinction goes to Mr. Ron Moody!
Ron's continuing work within the music industry as an artist and music professional can hardly be equaled. From the 1960's until present he has given us his best in every song, every album, everytime. Just last year, "LuLu's Chicken Shack" was on every DJs playlist. After speaking with Ron, I'm even more impressed with his desire for, and dedication to, R&B. Thank you, Ron, and congratulations!


Ripete Records

Our Blue Note Award, gives us the opportunity to recognize someone for their outstanding efforts in the promotion, preservation and perpetuation of Rhythm and Blues music, with distinction.


This year your board, unanimously nominated, and voted to honor our 2001 recipient Ripete Records, of Elliott, South Carolina. Congratulations to Marion Carter and Mike Farver, and the rest of the wonderful folks in the Ripete family.


Since 1979, Ripete Records has produced "new" recordings, of old rhythm and blues treasures from the past, while nurturing emergent artists and legendary performers who are seeking to recreate, in new recordings, the sound and magic of by-gone eras. Our association would also like to sincerely thank Ripete for their continued support of our goals and their creative enthusiasm in the production of our first CD, "Let's Dance U.S.A".


The N.A.R.B. Dee Jay's Association is proud to honor Ripete Records for the year 2001. Congratulations, Marion and Mike, and we're looking forward to more outstanding rhythm and blues dance music in 2002.


Tom Polzin


Carolina Beach Music Awards

The 2003 unanimous winner, was The Carolina Beach Music Awards of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Congratulations to Peter Carpenter, President.


The "Cammy's" began in 1995 in Charlotte, N. C., and in 1998 was moved to Myrtle Beach, S. C. where the beginning of the Cammy weekend was born. This weekend awards presentation, was designed to recognize and honor those Pioneers, Performers, Song Writers, Producers, Engineers and Promoters of Carolna Beach Music. It also includes the recognition of Radio Personalities, Mobile Dee Jays, and Dancers.


The Mission of the Cammy's is to obviously, promote Carolina Beach Music, it's influences and offshoots, and the unique Carolina lifestyle by the presentation of a first class awards show that originates each November, in North Myrtle Beach.


The Cammy's have now become an Icon of Carolina Beach Music industry, the home of this Southern tradition.


I know that we became more familiar with this wonderful organization in 2002, when our Cd "Let's Dance U. S. A." was a nominee in the compilation category, for Ripete Records. Visit them at


Congratulations again Peter, on behalf of the National Association Of Rhythm & Blues Dee Jays.


Tom Polzin


Danny Brooks

Congratulations goes out to Mr. Danny Brooks, our 2007 winner of our Annual "Blue Note" Award. His efforts in writing and performing of the songs "The Other Side Of The Cloud" and now "Ain't That the Truth" have caught the ears of many of our members, who have presented these songs to our dance community, with major success.


Danny, who lives in Guelph, Ontario, with his wife and daughter, emerged as a new star in contemporary Gospel music in the mid 1980's. He's a very hard working, and considerate human being who puts his own life experiences into musical form, and what a job he does.


His new song, "Ain't That The Truth" reached number 1 on our top ten songs for the month of December, and I think it will hold that position for a while. His new album "No Easy Way Out" recorded in Gadsden, Alabama, on the Rockin' Camel Records lable, features other songs that caught my ear. "Memphis, Tennessee" is a rocker, while "All God's Children", and the Title song "No Easy Way Out" would be easy swing songs. If you don't have it yet, go to our web site and click on new releases, and it will take you to the record company, where you can add it to your collection.


Tom Polzin


KHP Records

Our 2009 Blue Note Award goes to KHP Records. Julian B. Fowler & Keith Houston have shown continued support of our music in release of the Let's Dance & Coast to Coast series. Their inclusion of our organization in their music selection and willingness to reach out beyond their borders shows their love of the music and their dedication to it's preservation. Please join The Board of Directors in congratulating KHP Records on this award.


Mike Hall

Eugene 'Hideaway' Bridges.jpg

Eugene "Hideaway" Bridges

The 2011 National Association of R&B DJs "Tom Polzin Blue Note Award" goes to Eugene "Hideaway" Bridges for his album "Rock And A Hard Place" and his continuing efforts in providing the best in R&B and Blues dance music for our DJs and our dancers. Through his many albums, Mr. Bridges has demonstrated a keen ear for the sounds that our Bop, Shag, and Swing DJs prefer. This album was exceptional in those efforts. Please help me thank Mr. Bridges, his record label, Armadillo Records, and all those involved for an amazing product. We're all looking forward to his next project!


Thank you,


Mike Hall, President

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Bill Bradford

Info Coming Soon!

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