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About Us

Our Mission Statement

A. To develop and deliver support services to new and current DeeJays throughout the country that increase exposure to and knowledge of Rhythm & Blues music.
B. To provide a national network of communication between DeeJays with similar interests.
C. To generate news and Information about NAR&BDJ, its members and the music they play.

D. To honor those who have promoted, preserved and perpetuated Rhythm & Blues music with distinction.

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Our Story

Back in 1995, a discussion between Dave Roby, Ron Wallace, and a few other disc jockeys and dancers occurred.  They discussed the difficulties in exchanging information concerning music, equipment, dances, and dance clubs.  While everyone traveled to other areas a little, it often took as much as a year for information to go from one end of the country to the other.  Every DJ played different styles of music, and dancers danced different types of dances, but the common thread for all was their love of Rhythm and Blues music.  Rhythm and Blues encompasses a large area of music, but the Library of Congress describes it as a style that combines elements of pop, gospel, blues, and jazz with a strong back beat.


While a strong regional DJ association already existed, it was the founders' intent to make The National Association of Rhythm and Blues DJs national in scope.  In these past years, the Association dealt with many changes in the music, equipment, and information sources.  Initially, correspondence was handled via mail and phone.  Most DJs spun vinyl records.  Mailed newsletters containing information and Top Tens of the various members were anxiously waited for at the mailbox.  As the internet grew and music began to be released on Compact Discs, the methods began to change.  The Association then turned its attention to getting new music into the hands of the members by issuing our own CDs.  As music became even more digital, the concentration was on computers and systems as well as continuing to share music.


Now it is even more important that we follow new trends.  There is so much music out there, it's important to be able to sift through it all.  Sharing is still of utmost importance, as is communication between DJs.  For business and governmental reasons, it has become necessary for us to become a new organization.  We carry the history and outlook of the old, but look forward to making this an even better Association for all its members.  There is so much more we can do, and we welcome any suggestions to help us do so.

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